Live traffic information on your smartphone with RoadSmart

Available on App Store and Play Store

Amazing Features

Below an overview with a brief explanation per feature

Map view

Discover any hazard on your route on map & list, retrieving traffic information up to 250 km of your current location.

Great service

Unlike many other traffic applications, this service is guaranteed thanks to the great community behind it.

Multiple platforms

Roadsmart is currently available on iPhone & Android devices… The Windows Phone version is coming soon!

Push messages

The push service warns you of every hazard reported near you, allowing you to be up-to-date at all times.

In-app warnings

A popup appears when approaching a hazard. You can confirm whether the check is still present, notifying others.

More Features

Fixed speed cams, avg. speed checks, comments, drive mode and hazard sorting are just a few awesome features!

Why RoadSmart?

A team constantly processes all information coming from the government, media, public content, … In addition, there is also the support of tens of thousands of enthusiastic users on the road. Therefore you will only find the most reliable information on RoadSmart!

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Huge active community providing the best info
  • We take your feedback into account
  • Tons of features and easy to use and customize

It's Awesome

As a content provider we aim to bring the best services to you!

Regularly updated data

We aim to keep our databases up-to-date at all times. Fixed speed cams, avg. speed checks, risk zones, … etc are just a few examples of what we’re keeping up with on a global scale.

Avoid fines!

We want to draw attention to the large amount of hazards, speed checks and police checks & encourage safe driving. If a fine can be avoided at the same time… All the better!

24/7 Support

As previously mentioned a team constantly processes all information, questions and/or assistance you might need, allowing us to deploy fast and provide the optimal service.


Below some screenshots using the RoadSmart app in the Benelux

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